Ultra Fine Powders

Aluminium powders for new technologies

At Hermillon, we offer aluminium ultra fine powders
• Produced from high purity aluminium ingot
• Atomisation processes producing a range of particular shapes (from nodular to spherical)
• Wide granulometry range from 1,5μm
• Custom made to meet your requirements

Our team
• Develops unique production processes
• Technically proficient to provide the response, advice and collaboration you need
• Quality systems and laboratory to meet ISO 9001 standards to confirm the characterisation of the powder

A wide range of aluminium ultra fine atomised powder

According to your processes and needs, our team offers a wide range of aluminium ultra fine powders :
• Purity : > 99.7%
• Specific purity and alloys : on request
• From a range of 1.5µm to 30µm particle size
• Narrow range of particle size available
• From nodular to spherical morphologies
• Specialised powder coatings with organic materials, waxes or non reactive material, and also the possibility to produce a homogeneous paste if required.

Each raw material is selected, analysed to suit your specifications.


• In 20 to 250kg drums


All our products are carefully selected.
• The granulometry is controlled during the production then confirmed in the laboratory before packaging
• In the laboratory for shape (laser particle size) and for chemical composition (x-ray spectrometer and optical spectrometer)


POUDRES HERMILLON’s aluminium ultra fine powders are used in the production of pigments for paints and inks, in the manufacturing of conductive pastes for solar cells, electronic applications, in resins to improve the conductibility…

POUDRES HERMILLON also produces aluminium flakes, pastes and shots.