Aluminium Flakes or Pastes

We can help you to choose the adapted flakes or pastes corresponding to your process


We provide stable flakes specifically tailored (as PSD, H2 degassing, reactivity, wettability) for adjusting the formulations for different ALC processes.

All our flakes can also be used as DEG paste.

All sorts of flakes may be pasted

The solvent used is highly stable and, therefore, ensures that our products will not be submitted to any undesirable degradation. Paste is measured out according to the customers requirements (usually 70 to 80 % of aluminium). It is blended in a specially designed mixer which generates a hight level of homogeneity.

Flakes and pastes are delivered in metallic packaging

All our products are packaged in steel drums (50,60,70 or 100 kg) or, according to requirements, in plastic bags (for paste). All our drums conform to the ADR regulation.


The reaction time depends on the process used. Our product may suit to any type of reaction, from the slowest to the quickest. The numerous reaction parameters are carefully controlled in our laboratory before packaging.
POUDRES HERMILLON aluminium flakes are used in aerated light concrete (ALC) processes.


Before packaging, each batch is controlled in terms of :
• wetability,
• reactivity,
• particle size.

POUDRES HERMILLON also produces atomised powders and shots.