You use aluminium shots in your processes. Our shots correspond to your needs.

At Hermillon, we offer a wide range of shot
• aluminium or alloyed shot, from primary or secondary metal, obtained via an original manufacturing process.
• advantages you will appreciate : hemispherical shape, smooth texture and consistent size. Our shots particularly well adapted to handling and dosing.

Our team
• takes into consideration the customer’s requirements.
• has proven expertise in providing the right product for the right application.
• evolves and contributes to the development of your choices.

First quality shots

• Our shot is produced from primary metal, of aluminium purity greater than 99,7 %. Higher purities are also available.
• Thanks to the process material and to selection, shots homogeneity and constant size are guaranteed.
– 7 to 12 mm diameter
– 350 to 600 mg weight.

Shots either delivered in bulk or packaged

• in big-bags : 1000 – 1500 kg
• in metallic drums : from 25 to 300 kg
• in paper bag : 20 or 25 kg.

Specific uses

• steel deoxidation
• metallurgy
• chemistry
• water purification

POUDRES HERMILLON also produces aluminium atomised powders, flakes and pastes.