Atomized Powders

You use aluminium powders for your manufacturing, we choose the right atomised powder to make your job easier.

At Hermillon, we offer atomised powders
• made with aluminium of multiple purities, from primary metal
• obtained by air or inert-gas atomisation
• of several morphology (from nodular to spherical)

Our team
• has developed original techniques
• is available to give you advice
• is able to develop useful collaboration in order to help you to reach your goals
• offers a wide range of atomised powders

A wide range of aluminium atomised powder

According to your processes and needs, our team offers a wide range of aluminium atomised powder :
• several purity grades available, on request
• from 0 to 3 000 μm particle size
• nodular to spherical morphologies
• atomised powder coated with organic material, wax or non reactive material – according to needs.

Each raw material is selected, analysed and blended to suit your specification.


• in 20 to 25 kg paper bags
• in 20 to 250 kg metallic drums
• in 500 to 1500 kg big bags
• in bulk (tank)


All our products are carefully checked regarding :
• particle size distribution (PSD) : laser granulometer and sieve test
• particle shape : SEM
• specific surface : Blaine, BET
• chemical composition : spectrometer, ICP


POUDRES HERMILLON aluminium atomised powders are used in chemical industries as catalyst, in refractory industry, in the manufacturing process of explosives, cosmetics, paints and aluminothermic reaction.

POUDRES HERMILLON also produces aluminium shots, flakes and pastes.